Melanie Vare is a comedy writer who began as a stand-up comedian. She's appeared on Comedy Central, The Moth Radio Hour, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, the Story Worthy podcast and more. Melanie is the creator and host of That Time of the Month, a monthly funny female storytelling show that started in Los Angeles and now plays in Nashville

Melanie's comedy education began while attending San Diego State University. She performed regularly at the La Jolla Comedy Store before graduating and moving to L.A. to further pursue her comedic aspirations. Melanie's quirky stage presence quickly caught the attention of a talent management comedy and she soon found herself performing on Comedy Central's "Premium Blend."

A decade later, Melanie was introduced to storytelling after a traumatic ATM kidnapping left her searching for a deeper creative outlet. Her first story Robbed and Overdrawn drew a lot of attention and was invited to play at The Comedy Central Stage. 

Since then, Melanie has become a published humorist by successfully transforming her live performance pieces into fun to read stories. You can catch up on all her on anxiety-inducing adventures on The Nail Biter blog